JC Penny Bedding Set with Sheets

Hi all! Today’s post is featuring JC Penny’s Home Expressions Sophie Complete Bedding Set with Sheets. This school year, I was looking for a bed set that was simple but cute. I love the color pink ( especially pastels), so I decided to purchase this bed set. I was able to get it for as little as $37 bucks. It was originally priced at $120, so I defiantly scored a deal! I was able to also mimic some of the accent pieces that’s displayed in the photo,  such as the fur throw and fuzzy pillows. I decided to do one pink fuzzy pillow and one grey fuzzy pillow, that was also featured in my previous post. I also went ahead and got a cream fur body pillow. P.s… you can NEVER have too much fur! Here is the link where you can purchase this boho chic bed set https://www.jcpenney.com/p/home-expressions-sophie-complete-bedding-set-with-sheets/ppr5007581235?pTmplType=regular. Let me know what you guys think! What accent pillows do you think would pair nicely with this bed set?


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